COLMI C81 Smartwatch

COLMI C81 Smartwatch

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AMOLED screen: COLMI C81 is a brand-new upgraded model, with a 2.0-inch high-definition colorful AMOLED screen, with clear and reliable vision.
Off-screen dial: COLMI C81 has a unique off-screen dial function, which can be displayed on an all-weather off-screen display, and it is easy to raise the wrist to brighten the screen.
Super chip: COLMI C81 uses RTL8763E as the chip, low power consumption, strong performance, fast running speed.
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  • Smart-Watch-COLMi-C81-Large-Screen-(2)

    AMOLED screen

    COLMI C81 is equipped with a high-definition AMOLED screen, which presents bright and delicate images, and has the advantages of low power consumption and fast response.

  • Smart-Watch-COLMi-C81-Always-On-Display-(4)

    Screen display

    COLMI C81 has an always-on screen display function, which can display key information in real time even in a static state, which is convenient and practical.

  • Smart Watch COLMi C81 Silicone Strap (3)

    Silicone strap

    COLMI C81 uses a silicone strap, which is wear-resistant, dirt-resistant, and not easy to damage. It supports adjusting the length of the strap, which is comfortable and convenient to wear.

Smart Watch COLMi C81 Voice Assistant (6)

Voice Assistant

COLMI C81 has the function of intelligent voice assistant, which is convenient for users to control by voice and realizes a simple and fast interactive experience.

Smart Watch COLMi C81 Bluetooth Call (7)

Bluetooth call

COLMI C81 supports Bluetooth calls, which can directly answer and make calls after the mobile phone is connected, improving the convenience of communication.

Smart Watch COLMi C81 Sync Information (8)

Synchronize information

COLMI C81 can synchronize mobile phone information, view real-time messages through the watch, and avoid missing important notifications.

  • Smart Watch COLMi C81 Sports Mode (10)

    Sports mode

    COLMI C81 provides a variety of exercise modes to meet different exercise needs and help users pursue a healthy life.

  • Smart watch COLMi C81 records data (11)

    Record sports data

    The COLMI C81 smart watch can record key sports data such as heart rate and steps to help users understand their sports status.

  • Smart watch COLMi C81 APP connection (12)

    Connect APP

    By connecting to a dedicated APP, COLMI C81 can realize data synchronization and statistics, which is convenient for users to view and analyze.

Smart Watch COLMi C81 Sleep (14)

Measure sleep

COLMI C81 monitors the user's sleep quality, records deep sleep, light sleep and early morning wake-up time to improve the sleep experience.

Smart Watch COLMi C81 Blood Oxygen (15)

Measure blood oxygen

COLMI C81 can measure the health status of blood oxygen. After connecting to APP, you can view detailed data and pay attention to your health.

Smart Watch COLMi C81 Heart Rate (16)

Measure heart rate

COLMI C81 supports 24-hour heart rate monitoring, grasps heart rate changes in real time, and pays attention to the user's heart health.

COLMI C81 Smartwatch Spec

Base parameters


Product Name
C81 Smartwatch

Black, Gold, Orange

Bluetooth 5.0


Smart watch COLMi C81 detailed parameters (20)

Chip parameters

Main chip


Heart rate chip

Waterproof level
IP68 Waterproof

Display parameters

Screen size
2.0 inch

Screen type

410*502 pixels

Touch type
Full screen touch

Battery parameters

Lithium polymer battery


Protection IC
Seiko Y1

Charging method
2pin magnetic Cable

Charging time
About 2h

Using time


App name

Android4.4 and above IOS8.0 and above HarmonyOS

Watch language
English, Simplified Chinese, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Slovak, Japanese, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Serbia, Thai, Hindi, Vietnam, Arabic, Hebrew, Bengali, Romania, Croatia, Malaysian

App language
Danish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Russian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Türkiye, Bengali, Hebrew, Greek, German, Italian, Czech, Japanese, French, Polish, Thai, Swedish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Finnish, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic

Watch features
User Interface, Telephone, Contact, Call records, Voice assistant, Step data, Workout*, Workout records, Heart rate, Sleep, Blood oxygen, Messages, Weather, Physiological cycle, Music, Breath training, Stopwatch, Timer, Alarm clock, Collection code, Business card, Set time, Calculator, Calendar, Find phone, Menu style, Screen time, Power saving mode, Vibration intensity, Watch Faces, QR code, Date & Time, Password, System info, Shutdown, Reset

App features
Massive dial download, upload photos, step counting, heart rate, sleep, sedentary, mileage, blood oxygen, blood pressure, mobile search, calories, Bluetooth, information, wechat, QQ and other push, Search function, alarm setting, water drinking reminder, gesture intelligent control, do not disturb mode, reminder mode, Phone, SMS, wechat, QQ, Facebook, twitter, instagram, Skype, WhatsApp, line, kakao talk, others

Appearance & Details

Watch material
Zinc alloy + iML

Silicone strap

Strap width

Assembly mode

In The Box

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