After receiving the first batch of R02 samples, members of the project team must try them on in person and take on the identity of consumers to obtain the most intuitive user experience.
When I got everyone’s experience reports the next day, all kinds of data were inaccurate.
For the first batch of internal wearing experiences, only R&D engineers held a meeting to discuss and listed more than 40 algorithm optimization requirements, including G-sensor algorithm, heart rate algorithm, BLE connection algorithm, charging algorithm, etc.
It’s another wave of testing. Submit questions, hold meetings to discuss solutions, write code to solve bugs, seek assistance from IC original engineers, and test again.
In this way, the optimization of the R02 algorithm is repeated over and over again.
3 months have passed again
The internal wearing experience of the second batch of R02 samples also ushered in at the same time. Everyone took the latest samples and started their own product improvement work.
In this way, the 36 people in the project team shouldered the pressure of work and went through 6 rounds of sample testing, which lasted 7 months of testing, perfection, and trial production product cycles.
Finally ushered in the first batch of large-scale trial production.
All of our hearts are hanging because we know that a R&D project is transformed from technology to productivity; a product is transformed from sample to product. The biggest problem is efficient mass production, which must be overcome before the project interview. And it is the most difficult level.
Among our 36 R&D engineers, the minimum academic qualification is a bachelor's degree. Our dedicated work attitude and expectations for projects are far beyond those of front-line workers on the factory production line, but their emotions, hands-on ability, and dedication This may cause various problems in the production line.
The official launch time of the product is approaching day by day. In the end, the project chief engineer and senior executive made the decision, and all employees went online to provide guidance and pay close attention to the process and quality of R02 mass production. This is something that COLMI has never had before. The decision to provide guidance on the production line. The travel allowance for these 36 engineers alone is nearly 10,000 yuan per day.
But for the sake of R02, which can truly allow users to get the best product experience, COLMI executives decided to go all out and provide assembly process guidance and quality inspection guidance to production line employees regardless of the cost.
This time, all members of the R02 project team closely followed the production operation, which was nicknamed the Battle of the Ring by a few of our joke-loving friends.
Although it is very hard, but every time I think that on this earth, there are more than 8 billion people, there is someone who is wearing the ring designed by us, COLMI's R02 step counting, exercise, and heart rate measurement, I will feel that maybe our little bit Giving can change your life even from far away